Man Power

After gaining good credentials by placing people onsite in Europe, Middle East & US, Indes felt the need for providing skilled & trained manpower to its clients. Indes has started a dedicated training facility to train people on basics and latest tools. Indes has people with over twenty years of experience in organising and training, whos services are leveraged to serve you better.

Staffing Service

Indes has a strong business focus on the man Power Placement as we understand the potential it offers to organizations to better manage their workforce. We provide High Quality Engineers - temporary and flexible workforce solutions to clients across industries to manage their workforce more effectively and economically.


The ability to attract, recruit and maintain good people can be a deciding factor for the success of an Organization. People are the most important sustainable source of gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage. Indes helps their Customer to find right People understanding their needs.


Indes offer several training programs tailor made to meet the growing demands of the industries. We identify the right talent and train them to the industrial needs, so that they can be fit into the right position. In a way the Customer can focus on the core activities.


Indes can work closely with the Customers to give an end to end solution for their resource planning.